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What is the url query argument to set the language to English for all of the country names? I know there is a way to do this without logging in, but can't remember anymore.
I've tried lang=en, but it does not work.

asked 31 Mar '19, 05:00

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You mean probably Wikimedia maps, which produce many language raster versions from OSM data:

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answered 01 Apr '19, 10:30

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What's actually the status of that project? I'd heard that the project completed. but is the data used for the maps up to date?

(01 Apr '19, 10:40) SomeoneElse ♦

This is actually used in production (Wikimedia projects), see:

I'm not sure what is actual data updating cadence, but looking at some cases I changed they look fresh enough (the road I added 2 months ago is visible).

(01 Apr '19, 10:48) kocio

In case you'd like to see bilingual names (en+local) using standard OSM Carto style, you can use this map:

(04 Apr '19, 10:18) kocio

There has never been a way to change the labelling of the raster layers on (there once was an experimental WMF-DE hosted service, which however is long defunct).

There are some layers that use EN labelling, but these are in turn fixed to that.

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answered 31 Mar '19, 11:21

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