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Good day everyone,

I've been making edits for a while and adding new things to the map. However there is one thing coded presently about my hometown which has been bothering me for a while. It's coded as an administrative boundary. However the town has no administrative unit. It's sort of an ambiguous named place and all of the politics and government are part of the county. The actual place boundaries are based on 2010 Census data (and they've changed as of 2018). However it looks like it's been coded this way for about 10 years. So I wanted to get feedback before touching that.

The next "area" over with a name is tagged boundary=census so it's borders aren't rendered on the map. I feel like that's more appropriated. My guess is that my town is set to administrative while many areas in the county aren't is that there is a small square "town" which is actually an administrative unit on the border. So when that town was added, it was coded administrative and that fell onto my Census Designated Place.

How should I handle this? I could change boundary to census. That would remove the boundary from mapnik. place=locality is still tagged on the relation so it will still exist when researched. Or I could leave it alone. I don't think that's really "right" but there is 10 years in this configuration.

Edit: the locality in question is Gainesville, VA which is part of Prince William County.

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You haven't mentioned the country that you're talking about, so I presume that you're referring to somewhere within the USA?

It might be worth linking to the area so that people can see how things are tagged there.

(26 Mar '19, 21:13) SomeoneElse ♦

Thank you! I added that to the original post.

(26 Mar '19, 21:16) jquagga

The imports that added administrative boundaries in the US coded CDPs as boundary=administrative, someone has adjusted the nearby one to be boundary=census.

It's fine to make that change when you know that the boundary is just a CDP with no associated political entity.

I doubt it's a place=locality (which is meant for depopulated places). It could be place=hamlet or place=village (which in OSM do not depend on the political significance of the place).

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Thank you! This morning I entered a changeset which changed boundary to census, and made the place a town. Gainesville by size is probably somewhere between a village / town depending on where you consider it's boundaries. It's growing fast though.

(27 Mar '19, 13:36) jquagga

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