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I have a road which is next to a park. There is a sand path that starts at the edge of the park.

However, the road nodes represent the middle of the road, and the start of the path is on the edge of the road. Connecting those two creates a way that doesn't really exist in the real world, but it is useful for routing.

A drawing of the situation:

The red way is the one I'm talking about.

Is there a way to tag this? Or should I map it differently?

asked 16 Mar '19, 01:12

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I map that segment the same as the rest of the path. The path ends at the street, not some 3 meters before it.

I make an exception for a T-crossing with a cycleway parallel (above) your horizontal street. In that case I map the segment between the street and the cycleway, as cycleway. Perhaps others map that as a continuation of the vertical street.

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answered 16 Mar '19, 06:41

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in general people map these exactly as @escada says.

It is of course possible to split the path into the physical part and the logical part. I have very rarely added a tag artificial_path=yes to the logical (red) part to discriminate them. I think I encountered artificial path as a term in the NHD dataset for paths of rivers through lakes and reservoirs which are needed for completing the hydrological network, but where the actual route shown in artificial or conventional.

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answered 16 Mar '19, 11:43

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