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I just started editing last week. A scout trip next week to a place with poor map data prompted me to increase the level of detail, but alas my changes aren't appearing when I go back and check the map of my area.

Example: geo:55.56500,11.86438?z=17

Here's what I've seen so far:

  • The »Humanitarian« map layer appears to have my changes, which indicates to me that my changes have in fact been applied to a data set somewhere.
  • Emptying browser caches, forcing hard reloads has no effect. Neither has switching browsers.
  • Appending /dirty to the URL of a tile tells me that the tile has been submitted for rendering, but
  • Appending /status to the URL tells me that the Tile is clean. Last rendered at Fri Dec 31 23:00:00 1999. This remains the same when I've now waited a few hours.
  • I get this result from all a.tile-, b.tile-, and c.tile.openstreetmap.org.

What am I missing?

asked 09 Mar '19, 16:01

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Jesper Nyerup
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Frederik Ramm ♦

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You are not missing anything, updates can sometimes take long while. This question comes up every few weeks e.g. I have made edits but they don't show up on the map or Why isn't the mapnik map on the website updated quicker? - just be a little patient.

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answered 09 Mar '19, 16:20

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Okay. My first changeset (https://www.openstreetmap.org/changeset/67781035) was saved 5 days ago, and still isn't included on the tiles.

Where do I go to learn what it is that takes time, and to confirm whether I am affected by something like this?

(09 Mar '19, 17:38) Jesper Nyerup

You say that your changes show up on the "humanitarian" layer so they are in the database. Unless you have mapped a niche feature that happens to be shown on the humanitarian layer and not on the standard layer, then your edits will eventually show up on the standard layer once the tile is freshly rendered and updated on the proxy that is serving the country you are calling from. Without access to server log files, it is likely not possible to find out exactly why your tile is not rendered yet. Server load metrics are available at munin.openstreetmap.org but even finding out which servers are responsible for you at this point in time is not trivial. Hence my recommendation of patience.

(09 Mar '19, 21:27) Frederik Ramm ♦

What exactly is missing from your first changeset? I can see the buildings you have added as well as the farmyard on the standard style.

(11 Mar '19, 09:43) scai ♦

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