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I recently found a road labeled as Proposed that only showed up in edit mode, despite multiple refreshes (CTRL+F5) on the regular map. Do proposed roads intentionally never show up?

asked 06 Mar '19, 16:40

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highway=proposed roads are not rendered on the "Standard" rendering shown on This is intentional, because many such roads have been mapped that often never make it beyond the proposal stage and there's nothing visible on the ground. Some other renderings do show proposed roads, like the Humanitarian map.

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answered 06 Mar '19, 17:06

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Several mappers, me included, have been adding the proposed, and partly built major road called the A14M. The project is in Cambridgeshire England and it renders on the standard map see The construction started a couple of years ago and road as since been upgraded to motorway status it is scheduled to open late 2020. My Mistake: This was mapped as proposed, and i, maybe wrongly, thought it was still tagged as proposed but other have correctly, changed the tag to highway=construction after the project was approved and construction commenced.

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answered 06 Mar '19, 21:35

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andy mackey
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edited 06 Mar '19, 21:51

did you mean the interchange at the m11? that's the only lines i saw

(07 Mar '19, 15:13) X99

I was pointing to the pair of roads When i first added bits of the new A14 they were mapped as highway=proposed. When i saw them on the map i didn't realise another mapper had changed them all to highway = construction. alester is correct that proposed roads do not get rendered (shown) on the standard map. I could have deleted my answer maybe i should

(07 Mar '19, 20:52) andy mackey

For the avoidance of doubt - this isn't "mapping for the renderer", the new A14 is now one very large construction site :)

(07 Mar '19, 21:36) SomeoneElse ♦

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