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Hi all,

I just began using OSRM and JOSM. My workflow is that for a small area I wanted to add my gps points instead of the ones in the database (which I am able to using JOSM). Next, I join these points to make ways. Next, I do routing and get the nodes (ones I created) as an annotations object when I run the query. However, the nodes are randomly numbered because they are not stored in the database, so I cannot find the lat long values using'id'.

My question is is there any (if any) way to being able to get the lat long value of the new nodes after running an OSRM query, without updating the main database or running an osrm server locally. Basically when a node is created (Shift + d) using lat long value, is there a way of accessing those using the OSRM result object?

I can try explaining this better, if am not able to already.

asked 05 Mar '19, 22:55

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It isn't clear exactly what you're doing, or what goal you're trying to reach. It sounds like you're using the public version of OSRM, which only uses the public OSM database, not any objects you've created locally and not uploaded to the main OSM database. OSRM can never know about those.

(06 Mar '19, 00:22) alester

So I am using lat long values collected from a rtk device and want to replace them with the current nodes in the osm database. Once I get a route from A to B. I want to be able to retrieve the lat long values of the points along that route which are now the ones from the rtk device. I save the changes I made to the map using JOSM in a pbf file and then use that pbf file to be used in OSRM. The json output I get from OSRM returns the nodes along that route. Essentially I want to be able to do routing from A to B and then use the result to retrieve my data along that route. I hope this explains it better

(06 Mar '19, 02:35) shayaan_1

Just to confirm, you're running your own instances of everything involved (including OSRM, OSM database, OSM API), and you aren't using the public instances?

(06 Mar '19, 16:50) alester

So the OSM API I use to search up nodes (i.e.'id') is not on my machine. I'm running OSRM on a pbf file which I extracted from bbbike and then edited using JOSM.

(07 Mar '19, 00:29) shayaan_1

Basically, I wanna be able to perform routing on my own data. The result from the the routing machine should be able to return 'my data'. What would be the easiest way to do it?

(07 Mar '19, 19:34) shayaan_1

If you have nodes that only exist in your local file, then the public editing API certainly can't tell you anything about them.

(07 Mar '19, 19:35) alester

So if I were to use a local instance of the API would I then be able to save the data and access it if I used OSRM library?

(07 Mar '19, 20:27) shayaan_1
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