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I tried several times to upload (potlatch2) a track of a walk, in several different "viewer"-modes (public, identifiable, private). Each time I get the message "your request has been added to the queue, you will get a mail when it is uploaded. It should take about half-an hour" (or something in that sense). It has been days now and I haven't seen any message, neither can I see the track on the map. To verify I opened the track in Mapsource and there it shows with the waypoints I expected. What can I be doing wrong?

asked 03 Aug '11, 10:25

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I think there are some misconceptions here. The track upload you are referring to is to the general osm gpx trace database and not in potlatch.

The modes ("public"/"trackable"/etc.) are privacy settings you choose for every individual track you upload. There is an explanation here. The recommended settings are either "identifiable" or "trackable".

You can check in See your Traces if the tracks have been uploaded and what is the result of the parsing.

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answered 03 Aug '11, 14:30

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I would open P2 and see if your trace is there. I find that they are usable while in the queue, if that doesn't work upload it again.You could also open your GPX trace with a text editor and inspect it. it should have a series of lat logs and times. (these are the time stamps that are talked about,which go some way to proving they were recorded on a walk or ride. and not traced of some copyrighted nap) there is an illustration on a valid trace on the wiki.if I can find it I'll link it to this answer. here http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Gpx

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answered 03 Aug '11, 10:39

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andy mackey
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What sort of GPS device are you using, and how are you are downloading the track from it?

For most Garmin devices, its probably easiest to download the track into Mapsource, then it can save as GPX format. Note for uploading to OSM, it has to be track (with timestamps), not just waypoints. You have to make sure you download the "Active log" from the Garmin, and not any "Saved tracks" which will probably be lacking timestamps.

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answered 03 Aug '11, 13:53

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It does not appear in P2. This time I got a mail with the reason for failure: no <time>-tags (verified: confirmed). The process to create the track was: walked it, mapped it on a "Pythagoras topo"-map and exported it as .gpx file. I assume that consequently there are no timestamps. Is there a way to "simulate" the timestamps or am I trying to do something illegal? The appearing tags (besides gpx-version related) are: <trkseg>, </trkpt>, <trkpt lat="lon=">, <ele> and <src>

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answered 03 Aug '11, 11:41

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Yes, you can add artificial timestamps e.g. with GPS-Babel (but generally you should check your workflow to get correct timestamps out of the box). In many devices you can set the format of the recorded GPS-traces to be in gpx (no conversion needed).

Some examples how to fake timestamps can be found here (see bottom of the page): http://www.gpsbabel.org/htmldoc-development/filter_track.html

(03 Aug '11, 14:34) dieterdreist

@Koalake: this is no answer to the original question. Please use comments to discuss an answer.

(03 Aug '11, 21:50) mmehl

Is "Pythagoras topo"-map something you copied if so it should not be used in OSM if it is copyrighted, do you have a GPS device to record a GPX Trace or can you map your trail by using the bing background that may be available in your area in potlach2..you can choose it from the background drop down on the left

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answered 03 Aug '11, 16:25

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andy mackey
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Well.. "Pythagoras topo" is a licensed topo product (which I legally bought and installed), but my understanding now is that I would not be allowed to "export" a trace I mapped into that software and import it into OSM. So my only option is to get some portable tracking device somehow, do the walk again, track the walk with the device and then upload the thing onto OSM. I'm afraid that will be a "longer-term" project. Anyway, thanks for making that clear to me.

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answered 03 Aug '11, 17:03

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if the trace you tried to make was drew over a map that is copyrighted you were copying it so you should not do that.But if you can trace the route you took over the bing sat image(which we are allowed to use) that you can choose in P2 you can draw in the paths and streets you surveyed. all this is in the wiki docs ....http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Bing#How_to_use_in_the_editors

(03 Aug '11, 17:42) andy mackey
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