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I'm using the tileserver https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png in leaflet for a project. I'm getting the following error on some of the tiles:


It appears that the error only occurs on tiles loaded from the b subdomain.

The error can be reproduced by replacing {s} in the link above with a, b, c and open the urls in a browser. The b url will raise the error, and the a and c urls will not.

For now I bypassed the problem by using the url "{z}/{x}/{y}.png".

asked 04 Mar '19, 10:03

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You'll need to talk to the people in charge of that server (Wikimedia, not OpenStreetMap). A relevant help article is here. Wikimedia have tried to use a wildcard certificate, but it's not working for sub-sub-domains.

OpenStreetMap does it correctly for local tiles - here's an example (click on the "lock" icon to get to the certificate details). OSM is just using a regular certificate for "", which works fine.

Other reasons why you might not want to use these tiles include that they are very old (from 2015).

Also note that all of "a", "b" and "c" have the same problems for me - I suspect that you've accepted an exception for 2 of them.

EDIT: Wikimedia have now removed these old tiles completely.

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answered 04 Mar '19, 13:04

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Thank you for your answer. I think I switch back to the default osm tileserver and use css to make the tiles black and white.

(12 Mar '19, 07:55) mvbaalen

Looks like Wikimedia have readded those tiles. I saw they were gone for a while, but now they are back.

(19 Mar '19, 14:42) kwkelly

I still wouldn't use them. says "Tile is clean. Last rendered at Fri Apr 10 09:00:52 2015". Newer tiles sources are available.

(19 Mar '19, 14:49) SomeoneElse ♦

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