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Greetings all, from a newbie. Firstly congratulations on a fantastic project. I am having great fun mapping cycling routes through the bush around my area in Newcastle, Australia. I have some questions to help me with being consistent with other mappers. I am designating a narrow unpaved foot path that can be used by bikes, horses or walkers a "generic path" - is this correct? Is there any way of grading the paths, - eg "MTB preferred", or "OK for road bikes", "need to carry here". Similarly with roads is there a way of distinguishing 2wd vs 4wd. When I am planning rides I look at topo maps and the symbol (4wd only) usually means you need a mountain bike, whereas most mnor dirt roads can be ridden with hybrid/road. As far as I can work out both these would be "minor road, dirt or unpaved" on OSM. Or they could be called "tracks" but in popular use a track is often just for walking, whereas a 4wd track is for vehicles. Any guidance appreciated; I guess there will always be some differences between mappers. And thanks again.

asked 03 Aug '11, 05:16

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oops, found the wiki...

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answered 03 Aug '11, 08:18

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One other place to look is on the mailing lists - a Google search of "4wd site:lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail" finds a bunch of discussions on the talk-au list.

(04 Aug '11, 11:49) SomeoneElse ♦

Welcome.You Can look at others work (in an editor) in your area and see what they've done on routes you know, that will give you some info and could also aid consistency. By using JOSM you could download an area and study it off line,its not a good idea to save it back(upload) if you had it for a while though.It also shows who as created what is there already and its possible to contact them over queries or issues.

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answered 03 Aug '11, 09:07

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