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I am building a tile server that will be serving map tiles in Ontario, Canada only. The PBF file is about 680MB.

I will be using DigitalOcean's droplets to host my tiles. I have 2 options:

$40 Standard Droplet

  • 4 CPUs
  • 8GB RAM

$40 Optimized Droplet

  • 2 Dedicated CPUs
  • 4GB RAM

For serving map tiles in Ontario alone, should I go for more RAM, or superior processing power?

asked 23 Feb '19, 20:53

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It's a bit of a "how long is a piece of string" question, because you don't say what sort of tiles you're hosting (e.g. vector or raster) and what map style, whether you're trying to keep it up to date, and how much traffic you expect.

To give an example, this server has a 1.1Gb .pbf loaded into it, has a probably more detailed (raster) map style than OSM Carto, and fitted nicely into a 4GB RAM, 2CPU, 100Gb SSD server before I upgraded. It doesn't get much traffic, which may be relevant. If you're rendering raster tiles using OSM's standard style I'd expect you'd fit into that spec (probably into the 80GB SSD that comes with your "standard" droplet) - choose fast disk over fast CPU. $40 per month seems a bit on the high side compared to European providers, though - something like €9 should cover what you want.

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answered 23 Feb '19, 21:23

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Sorry about the lack of details. I'm not experienced with operating map servers (I had no idea the difference between raster and vector tiles until you mentioned it).

My goal is to replicate the performance of Google Maps (as I am switching over from using Google Maps API). So I will be using raster tiles along with satellite tiles (users will be able to switch between map & satellite view).

Our site's current traffic is about 5,000 users per day, and about 8,000 sessions per day.

I plan to create custom styling as I am not a big fan of OSM's default style.

I have no issues paying a bit more every month as this map server is supported by a business.

The server you linked is quite nice. It is basically what I'm looking for, except I just want the area of Ontario, Canada (about half the size of yours).

(23 Feb '19, 21:39) valachio

By the way. Was there a particular tutorial you used to build your map server? I am using this one -

(23 Feb '19, 21:40) valachio

Be aware that OSM does not have satellite imagery. You will either have to use tiles from a different server, or host them yourself; hosting high-resolution satellite imagery will likely use several 100 GB for Ontario.

(23 Feb '19, 21:47) Frederik Ramm ♦

Pretty similar - I'm following this, although obviously ignoring the virtualbox stuff as you don't need to worry about that with a cloud server.

(23 Feb '19, 21:51) SomeoneElse ♦

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