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we are using the OSM maps in one of our software products in the following way: Users can enter city names into a search field and the city ´s location (if it is in the database) will be displayed on the map. Recently, cities that have German "Umlaute" (letters like öäü and ß) are no longer found. This used to work previously, but now it does not. Also, the OSM demo application (OSMCtrlApp.exe) does no longer find cities with the mentioned letters included. Does anybody have an idea why this happens, i.e, what we might have to change in our application?



asked 21 Feb '19, 09:16

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You really need to indicate which software you are using.

In particular outside of the core software used to run the OSM website and associated services (that is the rails-port, osm2pgsql, mapnik, nominatim), you should really be asking your supplier.

(21 Feb '19, 09:22) SimonPoole ♦

Hi Simon,

thanks for your quick feedback.

The program is "Stammbaum 8" and "Stammbaum 9". I am product manager of this program (not a user), but unfortunately I do not find any relating info on the help pages so far with reference to "German Umlaute" subject. Is there a "special" help section somewhere for developers I should address? Thanks again Frank

(21 Feb '19, 09:29) FrankDue

If you are the product manager and your software fails to find names with umlauts then this is clearly a problem at your side. OSM is just a database. There are no limitations regarding names, any character is supported.

(21 Feb '19, 09:37) scai ♦

It might be a coincidence, but there's an OSMCtrlApp.exe here. Does that look familiar (or is it perhaps based on a common ancestor)?

(21 Feb '19, 10:02) SomeoneElse ♦

And the problem doesn't seem to be OSM website related, asünchen seems to work as I'd expect.

(21 Feb '19, 11:36) EdLoach ♦

@FrankDue you need to tell us which interface and library to OSM you are using in your program. I guess you do not process OSM raw data.

(22 Feb '19, 05:56) aseerel4c26 ♦

Hi there,

Please allow me to resume the talk on German Umlaute problem from last year:

  1. The current "OSMCtrlApp.exe" (v1.0.33.0, copyright including 2020) that has been mentioned by SomeoneElse does not find results for example for "München" or "Nürnberg" either. You have to enter "Munchen" or "Nurnberg", in that case the program finds the right results, including "München" and "Nürnberg"
  2. @aseerel4c26 We have used the code example from OSM, used and still use the Interface COSMCtrl, Version 1.20 and added our own dialogue. Is tehre maybe a newer version of the interface available? We do not use OSM raw data processing, but the Interface used to work fine when we launched our program, i.e. it found locations if you enter them including Umlaute

Maybe we missed something, so I would be happy to get hints how to solve the problem.

Thanks Frank

(04 Jun '20, 13:09) FrankDue

There is nothing we can do about this. There is no fundamental problem with OpenStreetMap and special characters as already explained before, see for example Contact the developers of this software, it sounds like a problem with proper UTF-8 support and/or URL encoding. Alternatively provide a minimal code example to reproduce this problem.

(04 Jun '20, 13:20) scai ♦

Seems to be from Naughter Software. Please contact them to address the issue.

(04 Jun '20, 16:36) TZorn
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