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I'm totally new at OSM.

I would like to extract e map of Berlin containing only the names of the streets and no other information. Is it possible to do that with OSM? Should I use a particular software to do that?

Would it be correct to think that names of streets and all other information is contained in layers? Should I strip a certain number of layers? How should I do it?

I'm grateful to those, who will take time to give me an answer.

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asked 15 Feb '19, 01:02

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aseerel4c26 ♦

hi, welcome! With OSM you can access the raw data - so nearly everything is possible (it just may need some effort on your side).

Please specify what a "map" is for you. Which format do you need it in? Where/how do you want to use this map? Do you want to do it one time or every week?

(15 Feb '19, 06:31) aseerel4c26 ♦

OSM data does not have a layer model, so your assumption is wrong.

(15 Feb '19, 10:25) SK53 ♦

Do you want the list of street names to have location data associated with them or just a raw list of names?

(15 Feb '19, 13:22) Rassilon

I thank all of you. I'm glad to learn that my assumption concerning the layers was wrong.

To aseereI4c26 I will answer - I would do it only once. - I would use it for some articles about Berlin that I'm writing for Wikipedia. I would use this simple map in order to show the administrative units ans sub-units of the town, tracing their frontiers and filling them with different colors. - I cannot really answer the question "what a map is for me". I guess something that shows on a computer screen as a design corresponding to a peace of the Earth.

I started to read a book by Jonathan Bennet, which explain how to conceive a map as a set of data - but this book is oriented to helping you to add a new piece of map or adding new pieces of information to a map. I am looking in a certain way for the opposite: there is a map (of the world) with plenty of information. I would like (1)to extract the part of this map relative to Berlin and (2) choose which information to keep. Is there a book or an article which explains how to do it?

Tank you again. Piero

(16 Feb '19, 00:41) Juanaines

@pierocaracciolo: thanks, let me put your request into short clear words: make a schematic map graphic (possibly in svg as output format) of a city with only few information (streets, street names, and you plan to colourise the administrative units and sub-units of the town. If that is true, please edit your question text and title accordingly. Your "(1) and (2)" in your last comment is also a good description what you want to do.

(16 Feb '19, 09:25) aseerel4c26 ♦

@pierocaracciolo: since in the end you want to use the produced map for Wikipedia and instead of doing it yourself, you could ask your fellow experienced Wikipedia map makers for help: (if you ask there, please mention it here) . But likely someone here will provide you with a good way to go, too.

(16 Feb '19, 09:28) aseerel4c26 ♦

A deep thank you.

(17 Feb '19, 17:03) Juanaines
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I am sorry, your first post sounded like you only wanted the names, but no streets. So you are saying you want a map with only streets and street names? You can download the OSM map here Not sure which program or format would be best but in my limited experience I would download the shapefile and load it into QGIS. Then right click on the file in the layers box and check out the filters. Others probably know a better way.

Edit: I just checked that Berlin file. Even easier just unzip it and there will be a file called gis_osm_roads_free_1.shp that has only the streets.

permanent link

answered 16 Feb '19, 01:16

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Thank you a lot.

(17 Feb '19, 17:04) Juanaines

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