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I don't know how to do this so I'm posting it here in the hopes that someone else can help ASAP.

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asked 10 Feb '19, 04:09

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Thank you for bringing this up. I have cleaned up most of this however looking around the area, I think there are a couple of other users who have been making suspicious edits as well. I suspect they are a group of high school students being stupid. If you find any more problems in the area, please contact the Data Working Group as Max said in the answer below.

(10 Feb '19, 09:04) ToeBee

Thank you for fixing it :) I can deal with conflicts but I don't trust myself to do a revert.

(11 Feb '19, 00:10) njtbusfan

When a user is clearly engaging in ongoing vandalism, it's best to just email the Data Working Group:

Mainly because they are able to put an editing block into place. I've emailed them about this activity.

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answered 10 Feb '19, 05:16

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This is not correct advice (and hasn't been for roughly a year). Vandals should be reported via the "Report this user" button in the users profile, this feeds the report into an internal queue system allowing for more efficient processing.

(13 Feb '19, 20:42) SimonPoole ♦

Actually, a mail to the DWG will both get to us faster and be easier to handle once it arrives.

The "report" button's great, but you can't report changesets and so you'd have to describe the problem in text.

Andy, from the DWG.

(13 Feb '19, 21:06) SomeoneElse ♦

To delete something, there are 2 ways - Cmd/Ctrl DELETE or Right Click on the Line/Point/Area and there will be a delete button at the bottom of the list.

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answered 21 Apr '20, 02:56

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