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Sometimes we can use "official address database" to import them as nodes, but there are only point (latlong) and addr:housenumber in the official database, the addr:street must be obtained by inference, checking the nearst road or similar heuristic...

There are a tool (software, rules or algorithm) to accomplish this process? There are a tag to say "this addr:street was inferred"?

asked 09 Feb '19, 14:26

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I would say that an object with just addr:housenumber and no addr:street or associatedStreet relation would mostly be considered an error/incomplete data. One could potentially infer the street by proximity, but this would likely lead to lots of errors and wouldn't be a good idea.

(11 Feb '19, 16:47) alester

Hello @alester yes, "wouldn't be a good idea", but it is not Europe, it is the only official information in many countries of Latim America and Africa... Welcome to the "real world of The Third World": we are face with the "do nothing" or "do something although partially"... Fortunately with good tools like PostGIS and some statistical methodologies, we can obtain good partial/filtered results, with 99,9% reliability: this question is about tools and techniques used/recommended by the OSM community.

(11 Feb '19, 17:25) ppKrauss
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