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Hi all, there are a lot of info or thread dedicated to the usage of OSM with database and so on but I wasn't able to figure out if I can do what I have in mind for mi site.

I want to build section on my site to reviews POI focused on my town so I want to have a map where I can extract data of the POI already on OSM but at the seme time let the user to add more information on the POI already existing or adding a new one. All info will be stored on my database so that when some one will search for a POI on my site it will show a dedicated page to that POI but also its position on the map.

Thanks in advance to everyone that will helping me to point in the right direction.

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(First, welcome, great that you want to use OSM! Second, I suggest to get a bit involved and just try to put your favourite restaurant on the map (if not already existing) or similar simple POI stuff. Do not use other maps for your edits, but only your personal real-world observation.)

See (mostly the right box "Using OpenStreetMap for Development"). You can do nearly everything with OSM, because our data is free. Displaying a slippy map with POI markers is quite easy with leaflet (also used on or openlayers.

Regarding pulling POI out of OSM you can have a look at other projects, e.g. or (their code is free software, so you can look at / use it).

If you want to let your users add new info to the POIs it gets a bit tricky:

  • If you want to store that info in your own database ...
    • ... and you want to continue to get updates from the OSM database you need to somehow link your data for the POIs to the POIs from OSM. OSM object ids are not guaranteed to be stable and hence the same POI may have a new id after some years/months/days (see also ).
    • ... and you do NOT want to continue to get updates from the OSM database you can just do a one-time import of all relevant POIs into your database and subsequently do all changes on this POI set.
  • If you do NOT want to store that info in your own database have a look at the project wheelmap (mentioned above), which also lets users add/change POI information, but they does not write this info to an own database, but instead write this info back to the main, public OSM database. This approach only is possible if the user-entered info is useful for many many people (e.g. the suitability of POIs for wheelchairs is such a useful info, see the related issues of Good_practice and Verifiability).
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Thanks for your answer!I apologies for the timing but other problems keep me away from this project. I will read all your useful suggestion. Can I ask you just which is your opinion on the database that I should use to store the one-time import of relevant POIs and let user to add yours? FYI I already use mysql for all other data. Thanks in advance

(03 Mar '19, 01:59) cpqueen10

When you start combining POIs from OSM with your own POIs, you have to make sure you do not violate our license, see e.g.

(03 Mar '19, 07:03) escada

Ok thanks to point this license question, from what I read (and hopefully understood) is that:

1)I have to credit OSM for the data that I will use (and this was never under discussion), than if I use for example phone numbers of POIs from OSM data and than use my data when OSM data will be missing, I'm doing a derivative database and for this reason I have to share the data. The question at this point I mean, I have to share only if someone asks me or I have to add by hand all the new data as a normal user or I have to send the database to someone?

2)If I create in my database a POI that is not present at all in OSM data (so I will not use any data but only place it on the map) will this be considered a "collective" database?

Thanks in advance

(04 Mar '19, 01:53) cpqueen10

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