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I'm trying to figure out how often to have Osmosis update the whole planet on an OSM server I'm provisioning. Does anyone have typical import times for importing a daily updates in 1 hour chunks and 1 day chunks on their server? I will probably be able to allocate a good amount of memory (~16GB) and processors (~6-8 CPUs) on my server. Thanks in advance for any help.

asked 05 Feb '19, 00:34

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This heavily depends on your disks. With non-SSD disks, or with disks mounted over network, applying an hourly update can take longer than one hour. With good SSD/NVMe disks you should be able to process an hourly diff in about 15 minutes and a daily diff in about 3-4 hours. Of course this is not constant; there can be exceptionally busy days or hours where your update takes longer, and also if your server does a lot of rendering in parallel things will be slowed down. Having 64 GB of RAM would likely bring these import times down to under 10 minutes for an hourly and 2-3 hours for a daily diff. CPU cores are less important, having just four would likely not make a difference. YMMV.

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answered 05 Feb '19, 08:42

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@Frederik Ramm thanks for the answer. That helps a lot. I am running on SSD/NVMe disks. Sounds like hourly is a better fit for my use case because I would prefer the server's rendering performance not be impacted for too long a duration. It sounds like rendering can be done in parallel with updating and Postgresql will prevent things from being corrupted?

(05 Feb '19, 21:13) coderunner

Yes, sure, rendering and updating can run in parallel. Rendering is read-only anyway, and transaction isolation on the database will ensure that you're only seeing one thing or the other and not some halfway thing.

(05 Feb '19, 23:59) Frederik Ramm ♦

Great, thanks for your help!

(06 Feb '19, 00:19) coderunner

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