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I want to map sets of locations in rectangular areas. These will be Amateur Radio repeaters which, for reasons of security, I want to show as 'Maidenhead locator' rectangles, defined areas in which the repeaters exist. This grid already exists as a layer (correct term?) in OpenTopoMap and routinely used in Amateur Radio. There are a few dozens of sites in the UK, in each of several categories, which I would propose to map separately. Is there a way - a 'draw rectangle' instruction - to present locations as a set of highlighted/coloured, labelled rectangles in this scheme? If necessary, I guess I could calculate the corners in lat/long. The rectangles are 2.5' lat by 5' long. Thanks Jerry

asked 31 Jan '19, 11:51

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I'm not sure the amateur radio repeaters belong in OpenStreetMap, particularly not as Maidenhead Locator areas. If you have the data though you should be able to display it as an overlay, converting the actual location to a rectangle as you suggest (perhaps pre-converting them so you could just have the Maidenhead co-ordinates in your javacript as per maybe).

You could use this site to determine the square from the location

and this site gives opposite corners of the rectangle from the locator

(G4ZXS in JO01nt)

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answered 31 Jan '19, 14:02

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Thanks EdLoach I was thinking more of OpenTopoMap but here seems to be the place to ask questions.


Locator squares seem to be the right size for fairly vague locations, so the criminal community don't have good targets. A number of repeater keepers are quite bothered about this. I'm currently publishing postcode areas for maps but I'm not entirely happy with it, and want to show all repeaters of one type on the same map. Google is discontinuing the method I used previously. (jerry in JO01NI)

(31 Jan '19, 14:24) IcomJerry

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