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How long does it take for newly added streets to be searchable via address? I can locate the streets and subdivision I added via toggling to the correct location on the map, but searching by just the street name, city and state is not working. Does anyone have insight on how long it may take for the map to update and allow the search by address for these streets -or- am I not doing something correctly?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

asked 23 Jan '19, 16:45

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Tiffany Mapping
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I just searched for "Blue Knoll Court" at and found the road you'd added about an hour ago. Other data consumers may take longer.

Edit: it might take longer for you to see it if you have old tiles cached in your browser

Edit 2: your changeset comment mentions Marion Oaks Drive, but you've mapped it as Marions Oak Drive - you might need to check which is correct.

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answered 23 Jan '19, 16:56

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Thank you for checking. I believe I actually have found my issue. The street is not pulling up as Blue Knoll Court, Charlotte, NC. Instead it is displaying under a hamlet called Orchard Park, and displaying the address as : Blue Knoll Court, Orchard Park, Mecklenburg County, NC.

Are hamlets generated by Open Street Map, or is this something I can edit to reflect the address as Charlotte, NC instead of Orchard Park (and if this edit is possible, can you give me some quick steps to do this)?

Thank you!!

Edit: Thanks for the feedback on Marion Oaks, I will double check all of my street names.

Edit 2: I just was able to verify that these addresses are actually deeded under Charlotte, NC so the hamlet reflecting as the city is wrong on OpenStreetMap. *

(23 Jan '19, 17:06) Tiffany Mapping

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