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Hi guys, I'm a brand new JOSM user so I need an help from you.

I've searched around without finding the right answer.

The question is simple, I've two GPX activities recorded with my cyclocomputer and I need to merge them and upload on Stava.

The only problem is that ending point of the first activity is not the starting point of the second one. So when I upload it on Strava the system automatically creates a line from the ending point of the first activity to the startin point of the second (they're not close) adding kilometers,elevation,time and corrupting all the data. The distance between two activities should not be considered or considered only as a transfer.

Can someone help me with this issue? Can someone is so kind to write here the procedure to follow in JOSM for Windows?

Thanks in Advance for your support



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It is not quite clear why you need JOSM to upload GPX files to Stava. Why can't you upload them directly without JOSM? And why do you want to merge them if they represent two different activities? How is this related to OSM?

(23 Jan '19, 09:00) scai ♦

Thanks for you answer.

As I said before I'm a newbie about GPS,GPX, and routes stuff

I will be more clear

  • I need JOSM or something else to merge the two GPX activities
  • I need an editor to find the way to manage the transfer (one place to another) between two activities
  • I need to merge them cause I need only one activity with both activity (day one+ day two) data merged. It's a sort of "competition"

Thanks in Advance for the support

(23 Jan '19, 09:25) dear_youxx

It's really not clear (in terms of the data within the GPX file) what you want to happen. Probably you need to ask someone familiar with Strava.

In your comment above, I don't know what you mean by "merge" (in terms of the GPX file, you might mean merge GPX tracks or track segments - "activities" could mean either). Also what does "manage the transfer" mean? In terms of the data within the GPX file (tracks, track segments and track points) what do you actually want to happen?

What I'd suggest is that you open up the GPX file in a text editor to look at the contents - that way you'll see what we're talking about.

(23 Jan '19, 09:38) SomeoneElse ♦

Whatever GPX editor you will use, I fear that the points you will add between the 2 individual traces will not have timestamps. I assume that Strava will detect this.

Someone recently tested a few GPX editors listed on the wiki:

(23 Jan '19, 12:19) escada

Thanks escada for your help. As I said before I'm a newbie an not familiar with "gps terms" The point is added automatically between the endpoint of the first activity and the staring point of the second activity. It's timestamp is the same of the second activity. The problem is that "additional" and unwanted point adds a lot of kilometers, elevation and so on to my activity data and corrupts them cause I didn't do them by bike.

(23 Jan '19, 14:35) dear_youxx

If you merge two GPX tracks into one track, they'll be joined together to make a continuous route. A GPX track doesn't have gaps in it. The only way to keep them separated is to not join the tracks. If you still want to join them, JOSM isn't the best tool for the job, because it's an editor for OSM. If you Google "gpx join" or "gpx merge", you can find lots of tools that are designed to do this job.

(23 Jan '19, 16:47) alester

To elaborate on alester's answer, in this case (*) a GPX file is nothing else than a list of longitute/latitude values with a timestamp. There is no concept of "line" between two points. The software that reads such a file can draw lines between consecutive points, but that actually an interpretation of that file. There is no way to express in the file that you did not actually do the path between 2 consecutive points in the file. Merging 2 files, will just make the list of points longer and the software will just make a "way" between the last point of the first file and the first point of the second file.

So the only thing you can do is not cheating in the competition and run/ride all the time :-)

(*) e.g. GPX files also have the concept of waypoints, but that is irrelevant here.

(24 Jan '19, 13:19) escada
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