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I'm losing patience here and may altogether abandon contributing to the OSM project if I can't get this figured out. There's very little use in a digital map if it can't be searched upon.

I've been adding all sorts of data to my home town (Montreal) and the map is starting to look great... but it can't be searched on.

To make it useful, I began an attempt at importing addressing information from data provided by the Government of Canada.

Link of where I`ve been working: (addressing data improted from CanVec)

I try and search any of the interpolated addresses in Nominatim, and I get nothing!

What am I doing wrong?

Examples of searches that should give me something precise but do not: - 462 rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Montreal (finds the street but not the address point) - 220 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal (finds all sorts of segments across the length of the city, but not the address point).

I've read some previous questions. I've tried: - removing superfluous spaces to what was imported from CanVec - waiting a reasonable amount to time for Nominatim to import this (this has been imported at least a month ago) - creating boundaries around the city to help it associate to Montreal/Montréal


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This isn't a single question with a single answer. You will probably be able to get better answers to your problems by discussing them on the talk-ca or dev mailing lists. This QA system is more aimed at answering a single question where the answer is the same for everyone.

(02 Aug '11, 08:31) Jonathan Ben...

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Re: "What am I doing wrong?"

Nothing. Nominatim isn't updating right now, and is still using data from several weeks (months?) ago.

After looking a little further, I should direct you to this question: Added street doesn't show up on search

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answered 02 Aug '11, 02:10

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In the meantime you might try an alternative to Nominatim on the osm-main-page, e.g. Mapquest also run an instance of Nominatim:

(02 Aug '11, 15:41) dieterdreist

@dieterdreist: nice idea in general terms (use a different search mechanism), but Mapquest's Nominatim at (from the page you linked) also seems a few weeks out of date.

The underlying cause seems to be the same - too many places for it to store in the database in the currently used format.

(02 Aug '11, 16:08) banoffee

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