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I extracted and have written a postgresql database using the following tool.

I want to extract lat, lon of the way points of a given way OSM ID using psql command. How can I do this ?


asked 21 Jan '19, 04:03

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Imposm is optimized for rendering OSM data, and is not really suitable for a more general purpose spatial database, most people will use osm2pgsql for that.

In particular imposm will create separate tables for each mapping that you have defined, so you will need to see what table the objects you are interested were mapped to query that for the geometry column by osm_id and then step through the linestring to retrieve the individual coordinate pairs (both imposm and osm2pgsql schemas don't have a direct way to access individual, untagged way nodes once the data has been imported with SQL).

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answered 21 Jan '19, 07:01

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for those who ask for : lon, lat from planet_osm_nodes, here is your response : "select lon::numeric/10000000 as lon, lat::numeric/10000000 as lat from planet_osm_nodes".

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answered 15 Jul '20, 05:03

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The post was not about a database in the osm2psgl schema, so your answer is nonsense.

(15 Jul '20, 17:10) SimonPoole ♦

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