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Today loaded Navfree on my Ipod .Lots of roads streets and POI in my area are missing.With my Ipod how do I start collecting tracks to start on the road system? Do I need to download an app?I intend to perform only simple operations ie one track at a time and one down load at a time to OSM.Later I will add POI etc if I can .I would be grateful for step by step instructions

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The OSMTrack app makes it very easy to record and upload tracks on an iOS device. Once installed and set up it it is literally a case of press "Start", walk the track, press "Stop", give it a name and press "Send".

One thing though: as far as I am aware the iPod Touch does not have any built-in GPS capability (unlike the iPhone) so you'd need a third-party GPS add-on, like the TomTom Car Kit.

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Yes, watch out for this ! The iPod kinda knows your position by triangulating you via wifi spots and mobile phone network, but this is nowhere near as precise as a GPS. Good enough for "which city area am I in ?", but anything more specific than this is rarely trustworthy. Depending on what you want to map, you might need to get a different device.

(02 Aug '11, 17:38) Vincent de P... ♦

You should have a good read of the documentation and search these help files for what's already been asked and offered. Then when stuck ask a specific question. Lots of stuff as been said before and you will get quicker and better results this way.

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andy mackey
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Have a look at Mapzen or Mapzen POI collector.

Try to install them, display some OSM data or maps, and try your first edits or contributions via that apps.

If you are not sure whether your work is proper, tell us e.g. via the OSM forum where you have been editing, and we can have a look.

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answered 01 Aug '11, 18:51

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