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We have a list of specific lat/lon coordinates in a spreadsheet that we'd like to have images for. We have the OpenStreetMap query strings ready to go, but need a more automated way to pull the images rather than manually. Anyone else tackled this yet? Perhaps with a script?

The images would need to be available offline, so we need static PNGs (or similar) that would look OK on mobile. Specific locations are landmarks that don't change often, so real-time not critical. Not stuck on specific size yet, so that's flexible. 1200 x 900 to start?

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Could you explain in a little more detail what you're trying to do? What size "images" do you want?

One approach to creating OpenStreetMap maps is to create a server that can create lots of small images and then display them together, so this screen contains this image among many others. There are instructions for setting up such a tile server here.

(10 Jan '19, 19:26) SomeoneElse ♦

Sure, see edit.

(10 Jan '19, 19:30) jjdeprisco

OK, I'd start with OSM on paper and the links from there.

If you want to fetch map tiles from an OSM server, make sure you follow the tile usage policy so that you don't get blocked.

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