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As I guide my car down what was left of a two lane road that is now under major reconstruction and reduced to one lane, a question came to mind. Since the road is now one way and will most likely be for a couple of months, should I revise the OSM map to reflect it?

The road has been reduced to from a two lane, two way street to one lane. The work has been going on since March (3+ months), and involves relocating all major utilities. It looks like the work is scheduled to go through the end of the year. I am not sure how long they expect to keep it one way.

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I was able to find a published expected end date of "9/15/2011". So for now, I will not make it a oneway road, but instead add "temporary:oneway=yes" and "temporary:oneway=2011-09-15". Too bad I can only accept one answer.

(02 Aug '11, 19:49) jwernerny

See this previous question, and in particular the answer from Jochen Topf: Temporary road works and traffic situations.

Note that people are using OSM data for a variety of things, eg downloading to their GPS device, and they might only update their map every few months. So your temporary change might be around for a lot longer than you expect.

In general, if the road works etc is very short-term (eg a few days), then its best not to change it. If its more than a few months, then it probably is worth changing. Though it would be a good idea to add a note to remember to resurvey it and change it back, possibly with a fixme tag with the estimated date.

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Lots of good answers, but I think this is best for now; or at least until there is widespread use of the temporary tags (which I may also add).

(02 Aug '11, 19:46) jwernerny

One of the biggest advantages OSM has over other maps is the ability to reflect short-term changes like this one. As long as you drive the route frequently enough to note when it's repaired--and are willing to retag the way back to two-way--I think you should go ahead. You could also add a note= tag explaining what you've done.

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Making a "permanent" change to the map, even only temporarily, could affect people who may be using a download including this temporary change for some time to come. Even some of the frequently-used tools are only updating their database every few weeks or so.

You might want to look at the proposed tagging scheme for such temporary changes...

Using that proposed scheme, you would add (replacing xx-xx as appropriate)

  • temporary:oneway=yes
  • temporary:date_on=2011-xx-xx
  • temporary:date_off=2011-xx-xx

This also has the advantage that it's not relying on anybody to explicitly remember to "put it back later".

I don't think renderers or routers are currently using these though, so perhaps for now the tagging for temporary features is useless in practice?

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