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This relation ( is one of 8 smaller districts of the German city of Essen (

Nevertheless: Nominatim gives you this small subset as the first result when searching for "Essen". This leads to some unexpected behaviour. For example when using overpass turbo to search in the area {{geocodeArea:Essen}}->.searchArea; you only get results from this small district when you would expect results from the city.

How can I change that?

asked 01 Jan '19, 13:38

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Meanwhile Nominatim returns the city as first result when searching for Essen.

(02 Jan '19, 13:01) scai ♦

I added a different wikipedia reference to the smaller relation of the district - that changed this behaviour

(02 Jan '19, 14:56) klischka

I see your removed alt_name=Essen from the Stadtbezirk (admin_level=9) already, that's good

Nominatim merges boundaries (relations) and center points (nodes) if they represent the same. So is still showing names like 'Essen' and 'place=city' (in the extratags section). That's because this node is linked to multiple relations, one (well, two links even) of them the Stadtbezirk. Scroll down below to the end of the page to see "Relation Stadtmitte (5928917) (as admin_centre), Relation Stadtmitte (5928917) (as label)".

You'd change that in the relations, see I'm not sure if the ID editor can do that.

permanent link

answered 01 Jan '19, 14:20

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Thank you for the idea and the help. So I have to add the node 27350363 as admin_centre to the boundary of Essen 62713. I tried to find out how to do that with josm for the last hours without success. Do you know any good tutorials on that?

(01 Jan '19, 18:12) klischka

I use the editor for those usually, e.g. removing a tag, renaming a tag or such. It's powerful, certainly for experienced OSM mappers.

(02 Jan '19, 00:12) mtmail

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