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My question is specifically for historical buildings in an open-air museum, but I guess it goes for all entities that have been relocated.

The situation: In many open-air museums, there are buildings that originated in other places (sometimes even in other countries), that have been taken apart, transported to the museum, and then build up again.

If I understand the documentation for the start_date tag correctly, the start date should be the date the building was reconstructed in it's current location, that is in the museum. For example, this can result in Medieval buildings getting a start date in the 20th century.

What would be a good tag for adding the original construction date?

asked 17 Dec '18, 18:50

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I have a similar question. There's a museum, which opened in 2001. But the building is much older, it has been constructed in 1725. I used the following tagging:

  • start_date=2001
  • building:start_date=1725

I will ask on the tagging mailinglist if this is correct and would adapt the wiki page. Maybe this is also a reasonable tagging for your case?

Another question: How to tag when the construction of a building started? There are many buildings which take several years, so this could be really interesting ...

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answered 01 Feb '19, 18:25

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Hi skunk, in your situation I would use two objects, one for the building and a node for the museum. That is advisable anyway, because is the building really only a museum? Or is there also a gift shop, a cafe, offices, maybe even some apartments in the building? You should be able to add all of those.

As for construction starting dates, my advice would be construction:start_date, but I don't see anything back in the wiki.

(02 Feb '19, 13:32) pbb

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