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For some days now, my small team has been editing features on OSM either directly or through the HOT Task manager. We've been using some relevant hash tags in the change set comments.

For some time, we were able to monitor our number of edits as it increased on the missing maps leader boards. But in the past 3 or 4 days or so, most or all of our recent edits haven't reflected on the leaderboards.

Please I would like to know if this is normal, if it sometimes takes this long for the leader boards to reflect edits.


asked 10 Dec '18, 04:35

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I suspect you'll need to ask whoever maintains the "leader boards" that you're interested in.

Personally, I'd suggest being more interested in quality rather than quantity :)

(12 Dec '18, 18:02) SomeoneElse ♦

I assume you are referring to the Missing Maps Leaderboard. There is a contact page with a lot of differt channels to get in touch with the people behind that webpage.

As you might notice from the comments, this leader board focusses on only one aspect, quantity: the more buildings ones traces, the higher ones get in the ranking. This is by far not the best ranking metthod. Quality of data is by far more important. If you limit yourself to tracing buildings, good quality tracing takes more time than just dropping a few rectangles on a canvas.

All too often aerial imagery is outdated or interpreted incorrectly leading to incorrect data. Furthermore quality, which involves detail (infrastructure, amenities, etc.) cannot be derived from aerial imagery alone.

So enjoy tracing building, but perhaps concider to go outside in your neighborhood and do a survey. Collect information that cannot be seen (or not be seen very well) on aerial imagery and map that afterwards.

You might have come to the project (Missing Maps, HOT), because of the humanitarian aspects, which are less pronounced in mapping your own neighborhood. But imaging a flood, huge fire, earthquake, during which emergency helpers need good quality, up-to-date maps, so updating the map in your neighborhood is humanitarian as well.

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answered 13 Dec '18, 04:19

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On quality versus quantity, our team is well grounded in the rules of feature vectorization and spatial topology. This reflects very highly in the quality of our edits on OSM. As regards the missingmaps leaderboard, I have now noticed it doesn't update so frequently but that it would eventually capture the edits whenever it updates. Thanks

(14 Dec '18, 06:42) mrchuks

Sorry, but if this is the area in which you work:

I see plenty of errors

  • many buildings without rectangular corners
  • buildings with the name "building" or "house"
  • buildings mapped as landuse=residential.

furthermore I doubt that the name of the city is "Rumualogu/Port Harcourt", which is used in almost every addr:city. Do you mean that one is a suburb of the other ?

mapping without those errors is also a huge part of delivering quality

I'm not blaming you, but your instructors / teachers should have given better instructions to help you deliver quality work.

(14 Dec '18, 08:53) escada

Dear escada, I took my time to look at my edits in the area you're referring to. The features with errors (including the labelling of the city you mentioned) were not added by my team or myself. It's an area where a lot of other teams and users also worked on. You've wrongly attributed the errors to me and I think that's unfair. It would be nice to confirm the specific teams or users involved and for your comments to be directed to them.


(17 Dec '18, 13:25) mrchuks

Sorry, about, but it is a pity that when you mapped in that area, that you did not take the time to clean up the mess that others created. That is also part of quality mapping

(18 Dec '18, 07:24) escada

Dear escada, your berating statements are unwarranted. You're oblivious of my itinerary when mapping online so it's quite surprising you're still very dogged in trying to pin issues of poor quality on me.

After I corrected your earlier insinuations, all I expected was a humble apology from you.

Berating me further for no good reason doesn't promote the ideals of this forum. Mutual respect is key.


(18 Dec '18, 11:14) mrchuks

Sorry I accused you of mapping incorrect buildings.

(18 Dec '18, 18:38) escada
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