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Good day ! I am currently using maps from Openstreetmap, and I can't seem to toggle off the highlight of some streets, the names of certain places, which results in the saturation of the information I want to display. Is there some way to toggle off these names or is it impossible ? Thank you for your time !

asked 01 Dec '18, 12:59

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Vincent TATIN
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How are you using OpenStreetMap? Are you taking exports from the main site, embedding a slippy map in your website or something else?

(01 Dec '18, 17:49) InsertUser

I am using it do capture maps to insert into a novel, and it is quite laborious to remove many names/highlights. I was just wondering if you could toggle them on and off, that would help me much ! Thanks

(01 Dec '18, 20:27) Vincent TATIN

Thanks for wanting to use OSM! :-)

In case your are talking of the default map you see on the answer is: no, you cannot toggle the labels (e.g. street names).

However, OSM data is free and other map styles using the same OSM data exist. See the older question: . You could use the no-labels map by : However, I could not find out under which license their map is available, so I cannot suggest to use this one.

Since OSM data is free, you can - likely just theoretically for you - make your own maps out of this data.

In any case, please obey .

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answered 03 Dec '18, 20:00

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Thank you for your kind indications, they've been very useful ! Have a great week !

(04 Dec '18, 07:03) Vincent TATIN

If you are planning to print this novel on paper, I would recommend exporting the images as PDFs.

A free option would be to use which offers several different styles of maps, all based on Openstreetmap data. Perhaps one of the styles there will have the features that you want, but you will need to check that the license matches, if you are planning to publish this novel.

If you want a professional-looking map with just the right labels, you may want to pay for one. There are a number of sites that will help make a custom map:

For example, offers standard maps for free, but you can pay a few euros for a custom map. There are several other options at the link above.

Alternately you can build a tile server and edit the style sheet and data to show exactly what you want. This can be "free" but may take up quite a bit of your time. If you are using MacOS or Windows you would need to download Docker from, then follow the instructions here:

Or if you use a Unix-based operating system you probably will understand these instructions:

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answered 04 Dec '18, 01:00

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Joseph E
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