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This is a bit complex, so please bear with me... I'm mapping the Serbia-Hungary border area using iD, and the country border normally splits a lot of administrative units from both sides of the border. Those are properly mapped using boundary lines involved as "outer" in a bunch of relations. So far, so good.

However, someone has added a lot of Hungarian geophysical regions as iD Areas (find e.g. "Bácskai löszös síkság"), snapped to one another and, worse still, snapped to the country border as well (the latter is my own fault, many changesets ago, when I started the task but was still learning).

I would like to "convert" those areas to lines using proper boundary relations shared with other administrative regions, but I can't easily get rid of those areas (which are huge). As a result, I have a lot of overlapping lines at the country border, which are now a PITA to work with. For example, see - I can't unjoin the "Bácskai" boundary anymore because that node's edges are part of 30-odd relations that I don't feel like deleting and restoring.

Any advice is welcome. At minimum, I would like a way to unjoin just the selected line's edges from a node (as in the URL above), without touching the edges participating in relations. And an advice how to delete a REALLY long line using iD (constantly being hit by "This can't be deleted because not enough of it is currently visible.")

asked 01 Dec '18, 11:43

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you seem to really want to stick with iD - any specific reason for this? Why the hard way, when there is JOSM... really.

(01 Dec '18, 21:26) aseerel4c26 ♦

"How to do it in iD" is still a reasonable question, even if iD wouldn't be the first choice of editor for doing this sort of thing.

(01 Dec '18, 21:58) SomeoneElse ♦

@SomeoneElse: I did not claim anything else. :-)

(01 Dec '18, 22:06) aseerel4c26 ♦

Well, I've just learned iD's ins, outs & quirks, as well as most of basic OSM concepts, so I don't feel like switching to an entirely new environment. But I understand that iD simply wasn't designed with advanced stuff in mind, so not everything is actually doable there. In any case, thanks for the responses; I guess there's no rush to fix that, I have some 10,000 km2 to go to fix other stuff.

(02 Dec '18, 19:29) Duja

@Duja: thanks for your comment. Yes, iD was (and is - AFAIK) designed to be simple to start with. I seldom use iD, so it is possible that your request is somehow doable in iD (let's wait for answers).

(02 Dec '18, 19:53) aseerel4c26 ♦

You can convince iD to convert an area to a relation by combining it with another area (just draw a temporary area, combine them, delete the temp from the relation, delete the temp). Then you can split the line and merge parts with other boundaries and so on.

The guardrails that prevent editing large features will probably make such edits pretty tedious. They are tedious in any editor though.

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answered 03 Dec '18, 02:15

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