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I've created a place of worship relation, comprised of 4 ways - 2 containing building=church and 2 containing building=roof tags only. The relation contains name of church, address, etc. All for ways are physically touching at least one of the others. Is this the correct way to collect this object?

If so, how can I get the whole building footprint to render as a place of worship? Currently it only renders as a building. Should I add place of worship tags to each way? This seems redundant.

asked 30 Nov '18, 19:14

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You've come upon one of the big problems in OSM and that is, how do I make my object show up in a map display? It sounds like you did everything correctly when you created the relation but a major principle of OSM is that one must not fiddle with things just to make them render. Definitely, do not add place of worship tags to every way.

Certain relations and multipolygons simply don't yet render properly on OSM. Mappers have tried all sorts of tricks over the years, like adding tags to every way in a relation, to force the rendering to agree with what they want to see but this is a bad habit.

You might also provide a reference or ID for your church relation so others can have a look.

(01 Dec '18, 02:09) AlaskaDave

If the 'building' ways are touching because they are actually part of the same building then you may want to consider tagging them using building:part=* tags and adding another way for the outline as a whole with the relevant tags.

Ignore me if they are actually separate buildings that touch.

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answered 01 Dec '18, 17:33

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I'm not sure from your question if you have used the amenity=place_of_worship tag on the relation.

Example of a multipolygon with amenity=place_of_worship tag, which does appear to render in the standard map style:

As AlaskaDave said it would be useful if you could provide a link to the object that is giving you problems.

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answered 02 Dec '18, 12:17

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