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When creating semi-detached housing from already existing building outlines what is the best way to proceed?

One option is to delete the area and then draw 2 semi-detached buildings in its place. Another is to edit the area and then split it to form the 2 semi-detached buildings. The last option is to copy the history (Ctrl+Shift+G in JOSM) from the original building and then paste this to one of the semi-detached buildings (I believe that the problem here though is that not both new buildings can have the same history).

Please could you advise on what would be optimal?

Many thanks.

asked 28 Nov '18, 21:34

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I don't know if it's optimal, but if the outline is very simple, I find the Terracer plugin to be quite quick and easy. I'm not sure which of the resulting row gets the history though. Terracer ones also have the options to keep the outline way, which keeps the history spread across all of them, but as far as I'm aware it isn't particularly common to leave the outline tagged as a terrace with the individually dwellings as building:part=*.

If the outline is more complicated, I normally find it easiest to add nodes at the split line and Alt+X to split the building at those points.

Unfortunately I know of no way to share history between objects, I think this is a limitation of the data structure.

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answered 28 Nov '18, 22:29

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My tendency would be to reuse the existing building for one of the objects (somehow or another). But I wouldn't worry too much about the object history, as any interesting analysis of history is going to have to deal with the tens of millions of objects that are edited without considering object history, probably by interpreting the data at points in time and comparing the points in time rather than object versions.

(another thing that confounds a simple object history analysis is that nodes of a way can be moved, which doesn't directly register in the way history)

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answered 29 Nov '18, 03:33

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