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Hello My objective is to create a csv file of all the shops in graz located in the country of austria.

Since I don't have enough space to unzip the austria osm file so I used bzcat to unzip from the terminal.

i used the graz.poly file to help me filter the shops in graz.

this is how my command with pipes looks like.

bzcat 2018-austia-latest.osm.bz2 | osmconvert - -B=Graz.poly -o=mys.osm | ./osmfilter mys.osm --keep= --nodes="shops=" -o=graz_shops.osm | ./osmconvert graz_shops.osm --all-to-nodes --csv="@id @lon @lat name" -o=grazshops.csv

however when i enter this in the terminal

I get osmfilter error: file empty: graz_shops.osm osmconvert error: file empty: mys.osm

can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? thank you in advance

asked 22 Nov '18, 19:42

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Cross-posted on both the OSM Forum and the OSM subreddit. The forum provides answers:

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