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Hi, We have big buildings with several entrances. Building has its number/name, each entrance is labeled A, B, C... In wiki it is not quite well explained how to address each entrance in that case. Building has addr:housenumber tag. Entrances are tagged with entrance=yes. Except that, how to add addr: to entrances?

  1. addr:unit
  2. addr:housenumber (different from housenumber of the building?)
  3. addr:housenumber (building's number) and addr:unit
  4. addr:housenumber and addr:entrance (proposed, but inactive tag)

Or simply ref or name is enough?


EDIT: Behind each entrance there are abt. 20-30 flats (apartments). addr:flats=1-20 could be added as suggested in the wiki. Each apartment has a postal address in the form: "BUILDING 1, ENTRANCE "A", FLOOR 1, APARTMENT 1".

asked 20 Nov '18, 07:04

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Hi lider -- can you give an example of the full legal postal address, including person's name, flat number, city name, postal code, etc?

(20 Nov '18, 21:14) jmapb

Postal address is in the EDIT section. The question is - should I add 'addr:' tag to the entrances and how, having in mind that building also has 'addr:' tag.

(24 Nov '18, 20:59) Plamen

Can you give a full example with a person's name, street name, city name, post code?

(26 Nov '18, 16:25) jmapb

If the entrances have distinct (postal) housenumbers, adding the complete address to entrance it IMHO the best modelling, If the entrances have no bearing on the actual postal address just and name=A, name=B etc to them.

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answered 20 Nov '18, 11:22

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Entrances are playing important role in the addressing of the apartments. See EDIT above. But 'housenumber' is more appropriate to go to building number. Or not?

(20 Nov '18, 15:29) Plamen

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