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Spotted a strange thing today: A building, way 250440049, moved about 20 meters SSW, overlapping other buildings and distorting the shapes of the two buildings it's connected to on the sides, way 250440047 and way 250440051.

Nothing too crazy about that. I've been mapping in the area so I assumed I'd selected and nudged it by accident. But there's no history of me or anyone else doing this -- all three ways are at version 1, haven't been modified since their original creation 5 years ago.

I swear these buildings were all correct very recently -- you can still see the proper layout in the Transport Map layer, which hasn't updated (yet?)

Obviously I can just push the stray building back into place, but first, what's going on here? Anyone have a clue?

asked 09 Nov '18, 22:47

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edited 09 Nov '18, 22:50

Ah of course, the history of the location change is on the nodes, not on the building. Duh....

(Fixed in changeset 64341666)

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answered 09 Nov '18, 22:57

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I've accepted this as an answer (because it is) - hope you don't mind.

Node changes not showing up in way history isn't obvious the first time it happens to you, to be honest. There are some attempts to show this (P2's consolidated history is one, there may be others).

(09 Nov '18, 23:19) SomeoneElse ♦

I still don't understand why this is considered correct. Moving a node adjusts the vector of the way. The building (in this example) should have a record of it being amended.

(12 Nov '18, 14:31) DaveF

@DaveF that's really a question for the editor developers TBH - JOSM and iD could do the same as P2 (and it wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't a plugin for JOSM that did it already, though I don't know of one).

(12 Nov '18, 14:39) SomeoneElse ♦

Not really, TBH, the main website ignores amended vectors as well.

(12 Nov '18, 21:08) DaveF

It'd be easy enough to compute a view of that history. That no one is doing it says at least a little bit.

(12 Nov '18, 21:15) maxerickson

I think OSM Deep History does, or did, it: https://osmlab.github.io/osm-deep-history/ . (I say "did" because it's b0rking on a JavaScript error for me.)

(13 Nov '18, 11:29) Richard ♦
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