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Since updating to the new FireFox (maybe five months ago) OpenStreetMap will not pan/scroll with the mouse. The mouse cursor is always a hand as if it had already grabbed the map. If I double click it will zoom and I can use the cursor keys. This is currently with FireFox 63 on Windows 10. There don't seem to be any posts like this in the help so I am guessing it is something specific to my system - does anyone know what it could be?

asked 05 Nov '18, 11:21

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I've not noticed it with Firefox (whatever is the current version - it updates itself regularly) on Windows 10. Do you have any add-ins installed? Presumably you're getting the problem when just browsing the map, not while editing?

(05 Nov '18, 14:50) SomeoneElse ♦

I disabled all the addins and the problem still remains. If I click edit I can pan/scroll and it immediately stops working when I exit edit mode.

(05 Nov '18, 15:03) RobChafer

Works on both those.

(05 Nov '18, 21:24) RobChafer

Hmm, GPSies uses the same library (Leaflet) like on

I think you should try with a fresh firefox profile. E.g. try with another useraccount in your Windows.

By the way: does work with Internet Exporer or Edge?

What may give a hint: open the firefox console (hit ctrl+shift+K) and then open . Any errors shown ("[HTTP/2.0 200 OK XXms]" is fine)?

(05 Nov '18, 21:31) aseerel4c26 ♦

I have the exact same problem. I even uninstalled Firefox altogether and installed it again, without change.

(29 Jan '19, 19:16) Spades

@Spades: please could you provide version details of your firefox and system? With other browsers on the same system it works? What about other computers in the same network?

(29 Jan '19, 19:23) aseerel4c26 ♦

It's Firefox 65.0 on Windows 10, version 1803. The problem affects Firefox on my desktop only, Edge on the same computer or Firefox on another one work just fine. Tried turning off the firefox add-ons too.

(30 Jan '19, 00:09) Spades
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