Since updating to the new FireFox (maybe five months ago) OpenStreetMap will not pan/scroll with the mouse. The mouse cursor is always a hand as if it had already grabbed the map. If I double click it will zoom and I can use the cursor keys. This is currently with FireFox 63 on Windows 10. There don't seem to be any posts like this in the help so I am guessing it is something specific to my system - does anyone know what it could be?

asked 05 Nov '18, 11:21

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I've not noticed it with Firefox (whatever is the current version - it updates itself regularly) on Windows 10. Do you have any add-ins installed? Presumably you're getting the problem when just browsing the map, not while editing?

(05 Nov '18, 14:50) SomeoneElse ♦

I disabled all the addins and the problem still remains. If I click edit I can pan/scroll and it immediately stops working when I exit edit mode.

(05 Nov '18, 15:03) RobChafer

Works on both those.

(05 Nov '18, 21:24) RobChafer

Hmm, GPSies uses the same library (Leaflet) like on

I think you should try with a fresh firefox profile. E.g. try with another useraccount in your Windows.

By the way: does work with Internet Exporer or Edge?

What may give a hint: open the firefox console (hit ctrl+shift+K) and then open . Any errors shown ("[HTTP/2.0 200 OK XXms]" is fine)?

(05 Nov '18, 21:31) aseerel4c26 ♦
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