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Hi, quite a while ago (several months) I added a point to a building: "ballet school", but it does not become visible. Several other buildings in the vicinity are shown as "McDonalds", "Theatre", "Toy Shop" etc., but mine is not visible. Any Idea, what I'm doing wrong? (Address is Germany, Flensburg, Rathausstraße 20).

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You didn't say where it isn't visible, but I assume you're talking about the "Standard" rendering at Each different map rendering of the OSM data can choose to show whatever they want. In the case of the Standard rendering, the maintainers of that style either have consciously chosen to not render leisure=dance objects, or simply haven't considered that tag for rendering. If you have a convincing case for why a certain tag should be rendered on any particular map, you'll need to contact the maintainers of that map and make your case. If it's the Standard rendering, you would do that here.

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I've made a ticket for OSM Carto (standard style):

(03 Nov '18, 23:47) kocio

Thanks, your answer helped me understand more about, how openstreetmap works.

(07 Nov '18, 07:32) ltcolblair

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