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In Ethiopia on the OSM, near Adigrat, there is a route shown named Tesfa something, but I can’t find it now. I can see the route but not the name. Can I see the details of these routes and others in the area? Can I download them as a gpx track? Can I search for Tesfa somewhere in the OSM world and see this route?

I’m going there in a month and hope to contribute other tracks.

asked 24 Oct '18, 21:54

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Some how I rather doubt that there are formal routes in Ethiopia in the sense OSM uses the term, I did find!14.1382!39.4525

Could you perhaps indicate the means of transport you are indenting to use?

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answered 25 Oct '18, 20:49

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His nick might give away the answer to that question ;-)

(25 Oct '18, 20:52) Hjart

Thank you. The route Tesfa Trecking is correct. But I don't know what how to access it. But see my other response and I've got what I need.

We are walking.

(25 Oct '18, 21:42) MtnBiker

@Hjart. Good thougt, but wrong in this case. We also hike among other modes of transport ourselves. Taking bikes overseas is a hassle too, shoes not so much.

(26 Oct '18, 02:03) MtnBiker

If you can see the route, you could zoom in to it and use the Query feature (explained in new-query-feature) to see the tags/details on it.

You can't directly download "routes" from the OSM website as gps tracks, but lots of OSM based navigation apps (such as i.e. or Osmand) etc will route you along them.

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answered 25 Oct '18, 13:24

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Thank you. I can now see the "Tesfa Trecking" track. And can use it to route. However OSM doesn't have all the local routes and I'm hesitant to upload them since they aren't mine and I don't know the provenance or accuracy. I can download those other routes to QGIS. An example of a route is I don't think I could import this into

I have downloaded the region of interest from OSM and the data is there, but converting to gpx will be tedious unless I find a converter.

I found a converter Seems to do what I need. I just have to pick out the parts I need.

Because OSM doesn't have the other tracks, can only route on what OSM has and that route is a long way around.

As I said in my original post I hope I can add the routes we take.

(25 Oct '18, 21:41) MtnBiker

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