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There is a problem with exported wavefront OBJ-file from OSM2World in windows, that Blender shows an error and is unable to open the obj file. But it works good in Linux! Are there any suggestion or idea what could be the reason and perhaps any solution?

asked 24 Oct '18, 15:14

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Just guessing, but one thing that's different between the operating systems is file paths, so that could be a source of issues (e.g. because Blender cannot find the textures used by the model). But to properly diagnose the issue, additional information would be helpful. For example: Does Blender display any text in the error message? If so, what does it say?

(24 Oct '18, 21:28) Tordanik

alt text

(24 Oct '18, 21:43) NGS92

Thanks for the screenshot! It looks as if the import fails due to a number that uses a comma instead of a dot. This is relatively common programming issue, and I'll probably be able to find the bug responsible for it. But if you could provide the problematic obj and obj.mtl files (upload them somewhere, or send me a mail), that could speed things up! :)

(25 Oct '18, 22:52) Tordanik

I sent you the files via email ( on 26.10.2018 .

(08 Nov '18, 15:16) NGS92
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