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I am looking for way how can i check with coordinates type of place for example

50.064317, 19.948575

is it building, street or some field?

I am using leaflet too

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asked 22 Oct '18, 15:19

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The technical term for what you are trying to do is "reverse geocoding". Likely the easiest way to that with OSM is to use nominatim

If you are thinking of using this in a bulk mode please adhere to the aup , our data licence and our general terms of use

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answered 23 Oct '18, 12:08

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SimonPoole ♦
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I have too much operations, so this way is not good :( Is there another option to load all building in some layer and then check without connection ?

(23 Oct '18, 12:17) adacho26

Reverse geocoding only works well for addresses and POIs. It doesn't really work for "fields", buildings without addresses and other objects which don't really fit into the POI category. Overpass API might be the better choice.

(23 Oct '18, 12:20) scai ♦

@scai I cannot find any toturial how to use Overpass API with react or/and leaflet.. can u tell me briefly how to get info about type of pattern (grass/building) with overpass?

(23 Oct '18, 15:10) adacho26

Looks like there are multiple Leaflet plugins available for Overpass API. I've never used both together so I can't recommend a specific one. But you should find multiple examples when using your favorite search engine.

(24 Oct '18, 08:15) scai ♦

@scai, I wonder whether the around function is the solution for the OP's problem. One has to specify a "distance" around the current point to find polygons in the neighbourhood of the give point. The will also give nearby objects, not just enclosing objects. Or do you have something else in mind ?

(24 Oct '18, 11:14) escada

@escada That's what I have in mind. Similar to the query feature at It works a little bit different than reverse geocoding, that's true.

(24 Oct '18, 11:44) scai ♦
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I use overpass with leaflet and i have something like this

first checking nodes of clicked point queryOverpass([out:json]; way["building"~"."](around:10, 50.065342, 19.952249)->.interesting_ways; node(w.interesting_ways)->.allnodes; .allnodes out;).then(console.log).catch(console.error);

and then beacuse i use radius (so this is approximately ) i am using leaflet function


Maybe it will help somebody

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answered 25 Oct '18, 11:02

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