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On my property there's at least one beaten path in the grass that I think I could count as a footway, but... When you say it's supposed to be used mainly or exclusively by pedestrians, does that mean it has to be open to the public? Or does the one in my yard count?

From what I've heard, this should help with spawns in Pokemon Go, but I don't wanna mark it that way if it's inaccurate or against the rules. Besides, the map apparently takes a long time to update.

asked 19 Oct '18, 18:01

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Usually I avoid mapping private ways that are neither visible from aerial imagery nor visible from the road in order to respect private property and the privacy of people living there. Large roads on private industrial/commercial property that are clearly visible on imagery don't fall into this category of course.

(22 Oct '18, 10:41) scai ♦

Private paths/footways can be mapped, and there are a range of access tags to indicate to what extent the public are allowed in.

Mapping objects that most mappers can't get to or see can lead to verifiability issues though, so some discretion is advised.

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answered 19 Oct '18, 22:11

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Awesome. Thank you. The path I mentioned doesn't seem to be visible with the aerial imagery, but I think you should be able to see it from the road. And I listed local knowledge under source.

(20 Oct '18, 06:35) BladeManEXE10

Okay, so I bothered to actually look outside, and... There's a reason it wasn't showing up on aerial imagery.

I just remembered the beaten path being more... Well, beaten. But it's not much different from the rest of the lawn.

Already deleted, but thank you for your help regardless.

(21 Oct '18, 20:08) BladeManEXE10

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