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Hello, there are some areas in my country that contain a large number of houses / cottages that are used only for recreational purposes and the people live there only on the weekends or parts of the year. Should I mark these areas as residential or not ?

asked 28 Jul '11, 05:01

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Tomas Pajonk
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Unless these properties are owned and managed explicitly for tourism ('holiday villages' such as CenterParcs) then I would tag these as landuse=residential.

There are a number of reasons for this: firstly, whether properties are occupied all week is not readily surveyable and verifiable; secondly, in physical respects these will behave like other residential areas (more surface sealing, more solar gain, faster surface run-off); thirdly, local authorities will deliver similar services to these locations (rubbish collection, street lighting, street cleaning) even though this is a widespread issue in communities with many such properties; fourthly, identifying individual properties or groups of properties as holiday homes might come close to adding personal information, and certainly would not be appreciated by owners who might fear increased risk of burglary.

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answered 28 Jul '11, 10:15

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Jonathan Ben...

Ok. The residential tag is quite generic than. It is a fairly large area and well known to locals. I didn't mean to mark individual houses this way.

(29 Jul '11, 05:05) Tomas Pajonk

I believe that we need subgroups to classify residential usage in more detail (isolated groups of houses, density related, specific types which are architecturally distinct, such as student residences and so-on), but I'd still not do it for holiday homes.

(29 Jul '11, 10:25) SK53 ♦

The picture in the wiki is pretty much a street. How to mark residential use in villages or less dense, but still residential ares, still remains unknown for me.

(10 Aug '11, 07:21) Tomas Pajonk

I would still use residential: I've used this for villages in several parts of Europe, and for isolated houses in Wales. In the case where there are still small fields and other agricultural holdings within the village these can be mapped separately (ideally as multipolygon inners within the residential polygon).

(13 Aug '11, 10:29) SK53 ♦

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