is it possible to download maps without cycling paths?

asked 11 Oct '18, 09:01

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What site are you using? What are you doing with the downloaded maps? (Is this another case of Garmin users not realising that OSM is not solely a source for free maps for their units...)

(11 Oct '18, 10:19) Richard ♦

You have'nt answered my question. Can you give me this map without the cycle path or not? I need a clean physical map. thank you Carlo

(12 Oct '18, 15:29) Carlohag68

You haven't explained your question.

Where are you downloading the maps from?

Are you using them on a smartphone, or a Garmin GPS unit, or tattooed onto your skin, or...?

(12 Oct '18, 17:19) Richard ♦

I am downloading from .... to my pc because I need the map base on which to trace a journey for printing. thanks Carlo A

(16 Oct '18, 08:14) Carlohag68

OpenCycleMap is a cycle map and therefore it shows cycle paths.

You could try itself for several map views (see the 'layers' button on the right), or if you want to have contours and hill-shading like OpenCycleMap but without cycle information, try .

(16 Oct '18, 10:55) Richard ♦
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