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Hi, When I download the OSM information I have 5 layers. In one of them are the streets, the paths, the cycle roads,.... When you look at the computer, before the download, all of them have a different aspect but when you download the information all are the same in one layer. I would like to maintain the roads, but not the sidewalks, and to represent the cycle roads in a different way. How can I do it? Thanks for your help

asked 10 Oct '18, 12:54

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Mag bilbao
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This sounds like a Geofabrik shape file extract. You should be able to filter on values of highway.

(10 Oct '18, 13:29) SK53 ♦

Please explain how you have "downloaded the OSM information" and in what software you "have 5 layers". There are different ways to process OSM data and in order to help you, we have to know which way you are using.

(10 Oct '18, 13:29) Frederik Ramm ♦

Hi, thanks for the asnwers. I don´t know how to work with Geofabrik, if you could give me some pieces of advice you will be welcome. I´m going to explain more: I work with GIS and in I click: vectorial/ OSM / Download dates / from the canvas / accept Then I add a new vectorial layer, I choose the one I have downloaded. When you open the osm. shape I find just 5 layers (lines, mulinestrings, multipolygons, other:relations and points) and I choose them. But my problem is that the information of the roads, paths, sidewalks and cycle roads are all of them in the layer "lines" and then I can´t distinguish them. I would like to delete some of them and to change the way to represent others. Thanks a lot for your attention

(10 Oct '18, 14:11) Mag bilbao

"with GIS"? ArcGIS? QGIS? Something other? Please provide details.

(10 Oct '18, 15:08) scai ♦

Re "I work with GIS" - which software?

(10 Oct '18, 15:08) SomeoneElse ♦

From your comments it becomes apparent that you are using QGIS. You are right that different line types are all in the layer "lines". You can define a "rule-based" styling in QGIS where you say that every line with highway=primary should have one line style, and everything with highway=secondary another, and so on. Read up on rule-based layer styling in QGIS.

Another option is Vector->Data Management Tools->Split Vector Layer, then set the "lines any" layer as input and the "highway" field as unique key, and QGIS will generate one new shape file for every highway type!

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answered 10 Oct '18, 15:15

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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I have been working on both ways and the second one looks better, but I haven arrived to the complet solution yet. Some lines appear divided in chunks, there is no order. I have tried in different ways, I will try again tomorrow because maybe I´m too tired now to see the solution. Thank you very much for your help!!!

(10 Oct '18, 22:38) Mag bilbao

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