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I have successfully built my tile server by following this link ( ) and open layers for viewing the tiles. How do I keep automate the process of updating my tile server periodically from OpenStreetMap server? I couldn't find any tutorial related to the same.

P.s. I read that Mapnik has tools that pulls data from the OpenStreetMap periodically but could not figure out how to get it up and running. I also tried to do it using the updating section of ( ) but it wasn't helpful too.

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There are some instructions here. One of these days I'll actually update the switch2osm site with those as well :)

The map style used higher up that wiki page is different to OSM's standard style, but updating the database should work fine.

A couple of notes on the process:

The "regional" stuff is needed if you only want to apply updates to OSM within the area that you first imported data. You'll want to edit the lat and long values within openstreetmap-tiles-update-expire to reflect your area of interest (the example file has an area for Britain and Ireland in it).

If you get any other errors add a comment back here (perhaps create a gist and link to it if there's lots of error log), or contact someone on #OSM on IRC - the chances are that there will be someone familiar with the process in that channel.

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This worked. Thank You

(09 Oct '18, 20:41) vishy91

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