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How can I find nodes with "addr:housenumber" inside buildings with Overpass? I've found this snippet, but it doesn't work:

out meta;

asked 08 Oct '18, 16:40

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Just curious, why do you need this query?

(09 Oct '18, 07:51) scai ♦

Well, here's a script that will get you some results, but it isn't really correct:

out meta;

Some things to note:

  • Rather than just building=yes, I'm just checking if the building tag exists, so it will work with building=school, building=apartments, etc.
  • Rather than using a regex match on the addr:housenumber tag, I'm again simply checking that the tag exists, which is more efficient.
  • I've used a value of 5 meters for the around() filter. This will find all address nodes within 5 meters of... something. Truth is, I don't really understand how around() works with ways. It doesn't mean within 5 meters of the interior. If it did, 0 (or at least 1) would work. By trial-and-error, it doesn't seem to mean within 5 meters of the center, either. Nonetheless, if you're dealing with larger buildings, you may have to increase this number to catch the address nodes -- at the risk of false positives, if there are address nodes outside but near the buildings.

If there's a way to actually filter whats inside the perimeters of the buildings, rather than using around() to find what's nearby, I'd love to see that script.

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answered 08 Oct '18, 21:24

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edited 08 Oct '18, 21:30

But with around I can't really check whether the node is inside or outside:

(08 Oct '18, 21:52) Norske

That's right -- it gives both false positives and false negatives. That's why I said it isn't really correct. I'd like to know the correct answer too, if there is one!

(09 Oct '18, 00:54) jmapb

This enhancement request may be relevant

(09 Oct '18, 08:26) andrewblack

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