I met the same error in postgres_10.3 and my server details: CentOS7.4, 128GB RAM, 3TB HD.

As suggested using following cmd to indexing: ./utils/setup.php --index --create-search-indices

How to fix the same permenently? Is there any postgres config to solve the same?

asked 08 Oct '18, 11:52

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edited 08 Oct '18, 11:55

Error "buffer 82340 is not owned by resource owner"

That issue also came up in again. See my answer there. Root cause is still a mystery. Restarting the import with less threads seems to work.

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answered 08 Oct '18, 12:51

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@mtmail: Thanks for your answer. 1 doubt: i just running ./utils/setup.php --index --create-search-indices after met that err. Is it enough?

OR Need to run ./utils/setup.php --index --create-country-names --index-noanalyse (From Lonvia's reply in that thread #1168) ?

(08 Oct '18, 14:22) Rajavelu_M

@mtmail Thanks & sorry for asking again. My initial import failed while indexing 30th rank. now i am running ./utils/setup.php --index --create-search-indices Is it enough? or need to run ./utils/setup.php --index --create-country-names --index-noanalyse again ?

Note: Its running for more than 6+ hrs. Checked my old setup logs(import planet data few weeks before), Create Search indices takes less than 3 hrs only

(09 Oct '18, 06:04) Rajavelu_M

(7h later) Is the index creation still running, do you see CPU (top) and disc access (iotop). Do you see index related queries blocked by other sessions in select pid, usename, pg_blocking_pids(pid) as blocked_by, query as blocked_query from pg_stat_activity where cardinality(pg_blocking_pids(pid)) > 0;?

(09 Oct '18, 13:33) mtmail

Reason for slowness is drop index is waiting for autovacuum completion.

blocked_pid | blocked_user | blocking_pid | blocking_user | blocked_statement | current_statement_in_blocking_process
-------------+--------------+--------------+---------------+----------------------------------------------+------------------------------------------------------------------ 721 | nomiuser | 6839 | | DROP INDEX IF EXISTS idx_placex_rank_search; | autovacuum: VACUUM ANALYZE public.placex (to prevent wraparound)

(12 Oct '18, 09:11) Rajavelu_M

You can kill the autovacuum. It runs regularly in the background (well, foreground in this case it seems) and will restart automatically.

(12 Oct '18, 11:12) mtmail
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