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I would like to use data that I have inserted to OSM to my app. But I'm wondering, if someone else changes something from them will that affect my adds to my app?

asked 08 Oct '18, 09:41

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The question is a bit unclear. You added data to OSM, or to your app ? Which app is that ? And how does OAUTH come into the picture ?

(08 Oct '18, 10:29) Vincent de P... ♦

I'm sorry for the misunderstanding. I'd like to use OSM data to an app. The app isn't ready yet but I have inserted several roads and spots in a specific greek island (in OSM map) and I would like to ensure that noone will be able to change these in order to use them whole to my upcoming app. Thank you, I hope I'm clear now!

(09 Oct '18, 09:44) MaryStella_n

That is not how OSM works. Everything is editable by everybody and in general that is a good thing (forgetting about the occasional vandal), because that means that other contributors will build on your edits, will improve them, just as you can with other contributors edits.

If you want to have "private" data you are going to have to store it in a private server (which btw isn't so difficult, but does require a non-neligble amount of hardware).

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answered 09 Oct '18, 10:05

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SimonPoole ♦
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Yeah, that is understandable but there isn't any way to prevent malicious changes on my edits?

(09 Oct '18, 11:19) MaryStella_n

Here is no direct way. What you can do, is monitor the area in question for changes, for example with OSMCha.

(09 Oct '18, 11:37) SimonPoole ♦

Also, if your app gets its OSM data from a source you control (for example by importing an extract of Greece at a time of your choosing), you can spot-check the imported data before making it available to the app.

(09 Oct '18, 12:14) Vincent de P... ♦

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