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I'm in the process of uploading what I know of the Val Grande National Park in Piemonte, Italy. This is a wilderness area now, but was previously populated. Some of the buildings are still intact, while most are ruins. Few of the settlements were permanently inhabited, most were seasonally habited during the summer when the pastures were used. I'd like to add as many toponyms as possible, but I'm unsure how to classify the places. Should I use 'hamlet' for those which still have occasional inhabitants in renovated huts? And if they're totally uninhabited, what would be the proper tag? And what is the proper tag for an 'Alpe' which is habitable but only used in seaon?

Furthermore, the park administration has built many bivouac huts in the area, and some of the still-intact old buildings are also used this way. They are open all year to everyone for free and provide basic infrastructure like an oven and some utensils, but rarely more - the best ones may have solar power and running water. I hesitate to classify these as 'alpine huts', but find that 'shelter' isn't adequate either. On the Zanetti map of the area (sort of the canonical map) they are marked as 'Bivacco Parco Nazionale Val Grande'. I'd appreciate a helpful hint how to adequately categorize these huts.


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About tagging ruins, hava a look at the OSM wiki at ruins.

And about the bivouacs, maybe they are similar to "shelter" or "alpine_hut" or Talk:Proposed_features/wilderness_mountain_buildings

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Also have a look at place=isolated_dwelling.

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