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Como proceder a extração de coordenadas geográficas a partir (logradouro número bairro município estado pais)

How to proceed to the extraction of geographical coordinates from (street address number district county state country)

asked 25 Sep '18, 15:31

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Romildo Andrade
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scai ♦

What you want to do is called "geo-coding".

As you don't give any details, it is difficult to point you to the right place. But for example Nominatim is the standard geo-coder used on

permanent link

answered 26 Sep '18, 15:01

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SimonPoole ♦
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Thanks for answering

I did not understand the beginning of the sentence that says "as you did not provide details ...."

we inform you that we provide street number, state and country

(26 Sep '18, 18:22) Romildo Andrade

Are you building a website where the user makes requests to have this information ? Is it a app for a smartphone ? Is it a fixed list ? Do you have 10 coordinates to match to addresses, or thousands of request / hour ?

Depending on those needs, you have to set up your own service, look for a paying service or use the services provided by OpenStreetMap (if the numbers are small).

(27 Sep '18, 05:38) escada

thanks for answering

Allow me to introduce myself My name is romildo andrade. I work at the Secretary of Health of Espirito Santo - Brazil we need to obtain the geographical coordinates of compulsory notification diseases for risk estimates in the form of geographical maps of municipalities in our state. making some 100,000 records from the notification addresses.

Can you help us?

(27 Sep '18, 13:58) Romildo Andrade

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