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For some reason in the city I live things keep changing a lot, in the sense that there are new cafes/restaurants popping up at every corner, and then they go under and then new ones appear. Anyway, the question is, say, there is a node on the map for a cafe, but that cafe is gone and there is a new one say in another unit of the building. Would you delete the old node and create a new one? Or just rename and move the existing node? What if there was a hairdressing salon and now there is a bakery at the same place? It kinda seems wrong to rename and re-categorize the place but then again, it probably doesn't make any difference - a node is a node.

Also, along the same lines there are earthquake damaged buildings being demolished and new ones built in place. Same stuff, would you delete the old polygon and create a new one or just reshape it? And again - is there any circumstance where doing one or another could actually matter from a practical standpoint?

asked 24 Sep '18, 12:30

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For shops/cafes/etc using the same space, I typically will reuse the node/way. It is the same location, so why not reuse it? While a location is vacant, I might add disused: to the key.

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answered 24 Sep '18, 15:58

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But if it’s not the same location? But still reasonably close

(24 Sep '18, 21:05) ivss_xx

It doesn't really matter. If it's the same location then you have the benefit of re-using existing tags such as the address. If it is a different location then I would create a new node and delete the old one. Just a personal preference, though. The result will be the same.

(24 Sep '18, 21:23) scai ♦

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